AirLines & Airports


Consultation & Solution, Implementation, Training, Support & Maintenance

A. Fields: Airport Services & Ground Handling, Cargo Acceptance & Handling

1. Planning and Implementation of :

• Safety Management System
• Quality Management System
• Safety & Quality Audit

2. Developing and updating Manuals & Procedures
3. Planning and Implementation of: Ground Support Equipment Maintenance Programs

B. Fields: Aviation Security

1. Planning and Implementation of:

• Aviation Security Management System
• Aviation Security Audit
• Developing and updating Manuals & Procedures

Information Technology

Vira System Rouz , develop solutions with a different approach in various fields of information technology, IT architectures, including software development, network, website, …., support and meet the needs of your companies and organizations.

Publicity & Content Production


Vira System Rouz: Department of Publicity, Promotion and content production
Our professional and expert teams, create added value to your business with new approaches and modern marketing and communication technologies. By consideration of customers’ need, we provide an integrated and comprehensive solution to meet the demands of the domestic and foreign markets.
With our services, boost your business:

• Publicity & Promotion: Logo design, brochures, magazines, books, newspapers and many others.
• Website design and development: Static & Dynamic.
• E. Learning (virtual learning): ICDL, graphics, motion graphics, website design


About US

Vira System Rouz is established in 2021. Our mission is to provide the most up-to-date services and solutions in the fields of airlines and airports as well as information technology. Our professional and experienced team in all fields of airport services along with the young and motivated team in all fields of information technology are ready to provide the best services to boost your business.

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